We have worked on variety of projects, with different challenges, technology and materials
and have gained a wide range of experience
  • Alicid Organics Oil
    AOL is part of the Vimal Oil and Foods group, is the first company in Gujarat to successfully produce lube oil from Eco-friendly root of total high vaccum thin film distillation. Akshar provided the same technology to Surya group of company in southern India.
    • Mr.Bashir Ahmed, Bashir A. Dost Mohd, Jeddah 72 MT /day
    • Hiap Huat Chemicals ,Malaysia 12 Mt/day
    • Sampath Refinery ,Banglore 12 Mt/day
    • Mahalaxmi Oils Ltd, Vijaywada, India 12 Mt/day
    • Cee, Jee Lubricants, Cochin, India 24 Mt/day
    • Tanu Petro Private Ltd, Hyderabad, India 24Mt/day
    • Divya Refinery, Satana, India 12 Mt/day
    • Jain Lubricant Corporation, Nasik, India 12 Mt/day

  • Gujarat Oleo Chemicals. Ltd.
    GOCL has become the first Indian company to successfully exploit the vegetable oil route to produce Biodiesel for supply to Indian oil corporation ltd,a front runner premier fortune 500 oil company in nation. GOCL is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a unique distinction of being the first Indian company to manufacture C-11 acid (undecenoic acid ) by continuous cracking of castor methyl ester.

  • Gunjan Paint Ltd
    future print is a completely aqueous pigment printing system which is highly cost effective and can be successfully substituted for emulsion printing Its a synthetic thickener manufactured and marketed by Gunjan paint ltd has developed by ATIRA under the home grown technology program of TIFAC , Dep. Of science & technology, Govt. of India.
  • H K Agrochemicals Ltd
    The company procures edible oil. It is distillated with free fatty acid (FFA) level up to 60% and Processed to produce end products. The essential difference between the technology adopted by The company and the conventional technology is the separation of fatty acid (FA) from the edible oil. End user independently uses the separated FA and edible oil. While in conventional process of splitting the oil, only fatty acid is produced. These results in reduce higher losses at splitting and distillation stage. The project consists of short path distillation (SPD) followed by fractional distillations Technology is being used for first time in India for such an application and the unit is being Supplied by UIC Inc of USA. SPD units works on vacuum distillation at lower temperature & Short residence time at 0.002 torr to 0.005 torr vacuums condition. This gives best quality of end products.
    Responsibilities involved were:
    • Maintenance of plant/instrumentation
    • Achieving monthly target
    • Dealing with outside parties
    • Daily monthly efficiency reports

    • Also, was primary responsible for commissioning of D&B/SPD plant & Fractionation plant.
      Skills developed are:
    • Erection and commissioning.
    • Trouble shooting,
    • Handling external parties,
    • Material & Manpower handling skills,
    • R & D skills.

  • Gujarat Flouro chemical ltd.
    Company produces 800 Mt R-22 Refron, 9000 Mt R-12 and 3000 Mt R 11 (chloro flouro carbon). Byproducts like hydro chloric acid & gypsum. Company has advance filling system of filling bottles/cylinders/drums. Materials are being dispatched in ISO containers. Was actively involved in onsite/offsite emergency planning, energy conservation program, pollution control, cost effective operation of plant de-bottlenecking, co-ordination with various department like utility, filling station/security-safety during shifts. Joined the company as Production supervisor in CFC plant and promoted to Assistant plant Superintendent During my tenure at GFL.
  • Nitro Aerometic
    Company produces 8000 Mt MCB, which is used as raw material for Nitration plant. Capacity of the plant was 4000 Mt PNCB Fluxes/2000 Mt ONCB & 300 Mt DNCB Fluxes. Plant Site is at Nandesari Baroda. Worked with M/S Nitro aerometric  a division of Deepak Nitrite Ltd  as a chemical engineer in MCB plant. Had commissioned MCB plant and undergone training on Distributed control system and worked on it.

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